Building in such a limited amount of time meant having things ready to go when we got home from our 9 month trip around the world. We wanted it all to be sitting there so we could "hit the ground running" and might actually stand a chance at finishing our house in time. This, in turn, meant ordering a lot of stuff over the internet while we were abroad.

Here's what we bought ahead of time. We've decided to list here both what the items cost us (incl. tax and shipping), as well as links to the sites where we found the best price (where possible), in hopes of helping anyone out there who's making plans of their own...
Other things we decided on ahead of time, and acquired locally in Colorado:
  • Blue Pine Tongue and Groove interior paneling
  • Left-over exterior siding donated by Jenna's parents from another project
  • Left-over roofing donated by a friend
  • Windows, doors, flooring, cabinets, etc. from a building surplus store in Denver
Most of these items involved a great deal of background research and much deliberation. We focused on using sustainable materials wherever possible, and also on reusing and repurposing everything we could. We considered many other brands and options before eventually making the choices we did. If you are interested in getting more information about tiny-house-appropriate building options or about the other appliances we considered, please feel free to write us and ask!