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One of the major hurdles which prevents people from making the transition from 'tiny-house dream' to 'tiny-house reality' is finding a location to build. The fact that they are built on trailers--and are often parked on someone else's property--means that many tiny-housers struggle with finding a place to construct their home.

This key aspect of the build is one where we found ourselves to be incredibly lucky. Jenna's parents not only have a lot of experience in construction, they also have a large driveway in the Rockies where Jenna grew up that they were willing to let us take over for a while.

Though the two of us knew next to nothing about construction when we began, we had a disproportionate amount of friends and family who did. Not only did they know what they were doing and were willing to teach us, they had most of the tools we needed AND a space where we could build. This was such an obvious decision, we barely even had to make it.

Building in Colorado meant we had to tow the house out to Portland when it was finished (which was no easy feat!) but the long, slow drive seemed a small price to pay in exchange for everything else we needed.

For those out there looking for a place to build, our best advice is persevere! Reach out to people you know, tap your resources, and stay flexible. Try posting an ad on Craigslist and on Be patient, and trust that you will find the right situation in time. And if all else fails, consider purchasing an already-built micro-home.